第一次大戦後のイギリスで作られた多砲塔戦車に影響を受けソ連で開発されたのがT-28です。1940年までに500台以上生産され世界最多の多砲塔戦車となりました。ポーランド戦、フィンランド戦と参戦しましたが薄い装甲などが欠点となり、独ソ戦が開始されるとT-34やKV-1の登場に替わって急速に姿を消しました。(マット氏解説 参考:グランドパワー2003年10月号別冊)
 It is T-28 that was developed in popular USSR in the influence by the numerous gun turret tank which was made in the United Kingdom behind the First World War. Equal to or more than 500 were produced by 1940 and it became the most numerous gun turret tank in the world. It entered the war with the Polish fight, the Finnish fight, but it was changed with the appearance of T-34 and KV-1 when the thin armoring and so on became a fault and Russo-German war was begun and it disappeared rapidly.

(アーマーモデリング誌 2004年12月号「東欧一品録」に掲載されました)
 It is T-28 completion. Emphasizing a contrast effectively by the coat of making dirty because the body color is white When attempting to see the back of the completion, it is the shape which seems to appear on what and the Miyazaki anime. Saying that it doesn't play an active part too much actually in spite of being the vehicle which seems strong so much ( It was in the December issue of 2004 of Armour modelings
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