ホイペット (エマー)製作記
 It is WHIPPET of EMHAR. We participated in " the WW1 rally " which is done in Mizuno's HP and it entered in WHIPPET. It is little somehow, that the number of the parts is strange and it is weird slightly. The caterpillar, too, is the style of the black dried cuttlefish. As for this, which is before more?
 It is WHIPPET construction completion. It is putting together just as it is. Because there are few parts greatly anxious but it was possible to put together more neatly than thinking. It was a weak point if the caterpillar said a weak point, but the grand prize was clear ( made from konishibond ) and it glued together. It bought the board which plans to make a vignette specification and becomes a base for the 100 yen shop but it was inexpensively surprised. There is different size such as the rectangle and the circularity. It didn't think and it bought by about five sheets. The tree which is in the back attempted to make disposable wooden chopsticks with putty at the core.
 WHIPPET, Painting a base color It mixed green, gray and white but it seems ordinary gray when seeing a photograph. It exerts by making dirty.
 It is the sill, the manufacturing way of WHIPPET. It came to 々 such as the scenery powder, being water soluble, and wood clay, the grain, the dry parsley, the paralysis of the cork, too, put and it kneaded a bond for the woodcraft. It said a color, it said a form and it got what and to do the being to have seen a hamburger. The tree of the earth stop is the disposable wooden chopsticks of the acquaintance every time. By the way, it is irresolute about whether or not it is in the summer or whether or not it is in the autumn.
 It is WHIPPET, Washinging, and a filter, completion. The liquid crystal of the digital camera had broken and had gotten to have to be taken in the scent of the photograph. The caterpillar is painting the black of the lacquer with the pen. It had become a feel of a material like the dried cuttlefish somehow but it is OK because it paints pastel.
 It is sill completion by WHIPPET. It made backwater and so on in the muddy condition. It seems that it says a day of the after the rain of the cold eraly winter. There is some desolate feeling but WHIPPET rides at the center of this. Backwater is painting the transparent resin and mud is painting super lacquer clearance aqueous varnish and an important position ( to let out a luster difference ). It is completion already in the breath.
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