T-26はイギリスのビッカーズ6t戦車のライセンス生産が始まりです。最初に量産された1931年型は歩兵の直接支援が目的で両方とも機銃の双砲塔でしたが、1932年から右砲塔が37mm砲に武装強化され作品の型となりました。1933年には45mm砲の単砲塔型が登場し旧式化した双砲塔型ですが第二次大戦の初期まで使用されました。(マット氏解説 参考:ビジュアルガイドWWU(1)コーエー出版)
 As for T-26, the production under license of the tank of 6 t of Vickers in the United Kingdom is the beginning. As for the type in 1931 which was massed produce first, both were to do both the gun turret being of the machine gun for the direct support of the infantryman, but the right gun turret was strengthened in the arming by the 37 mm cannon from 1932 and became the type of the work. In 1933, the single gun turret type of the 45 mm cannon appeared and was both old-fashioned-ized gun turret types but was used until the early stages of the Second World War.

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