38cm 突撃臼砲 ストームタイガー
 It loaded the body of the tiger I type tank in Germany with the rocket cannon of 38 cm and it is Storm tiger that appeared in the last years of the Second World War as the tank for the fortress attack. The thick short rocket cannon which is made the big characteristic of the style was to do the thing being the German navy developed which originally for the submarine attack by discharging the cannonball to fly by its own rocket promotion. Then, the huge cannonball, the 330 kg weight, the 149 cm full length, had powerful power, the bursting charge weight of 135 kg, the maximum carry distance of 4600 m. The production of Storm tiger produces from 1944 August to 18 of being done in the form to remodel the body of the tiger I into by December of the same year. The several just now complete first cars were invested in the suppression of the revolt of the free Polish troops which began with Warsaw from August. Then, it struggled against the German mainland defensive war until the end of the war after that, too, being dispatched. ( It excerpts from the tamiya manual ).

 It is Storm tiger, completion. It used usual pastel + acrylic fiber solvent for the cutting edge chipping but it wants to attempt to use enamel paint, too, this time. Only, as for the pastel, does the luster disappear fully but it is the weak point that will be bad when enamel doesn't erase from behind by the overcoat because of it it has been lustrous? Because there is a dark feeling, Washing intends to remove the color fully and may had better do it. ( It places for 1 hour and it is cause or ・・・ that it is wiping up ).Brighter and heavier ・・・・(2004.5.3 completion)
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