FIAT 3000
 Unit disposition of a small number of Fiat 3000 is carried out in active service in June, 1940 when Italy participated in the Second World War, and the battle injection of the GIRISHIA Albania battle line is carried out. The two-piece tank troop deployed by Shimauchi is composed by the Sicily landing operations in July, 1943 in front of the Italy surrender in Fiat 3000, an one-piece troop fights to them among those by the DAKKUIN tactics which buried the body to the moat, and the one more piece troop is applied to them as usual. Between great wars, export was also carried out to Albania, Lithuania, Abyssinia, Libya, etc. Reference data : "grand power" (delta publication)

 It is Fiat 3000 completion. Although the puff of enamel was played at the end, it was not pleased, but it washed once again, the dry brush was covered, and PIGMENT was used for the first time after that and this time. PIGMENT may not delete, can be used easily and is convenient. As for the place which has shone dully, the caterpillar etc. is rubbing graphite (boss of the heart of a pencil). A plate is printed on the film for ink jets, and is stuck on a plastic board. It took except and time, although it was a small tank. (2003. 12.22 completion)
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