12.8mm自走砲 シュトゥーラー エミール (トランペッター)製作記
 It is trumpeter Emil, construction completion. It put together the kit of the trumpeter, being the first time, but it was good that parts are broken, too, the fitting of the part, too, was very good and could have had a good impression fairly. It is the 1st impression that, if attempting to finish putting together, is called " by ・・! ". Be careful so as not for the bottom of the light to be attenuate terribly and to break the place to be careful when assembling. It is a floret as much as the soundness in the temporary putting-together so as not for the battle room and the crack of the chassis to have been empty. The pricing, too, is quite inexpensive and is a recommendation kit.
 シュトゥーラー エミール、塗装完了です。ベースはニュートラルグレーを吹き、油絵の具で色合いを変えてみました。タイヤはアクリルガッシュで塗っています。(タイヤ、アップしてみました・・笑)。まあ、実車でも埃や泥でコテコテなので、タイヤがくっきりはっきりしてるわけがないんですけどね〜。キャタピラはモデルカステンのものを履かせています。重量感を表現するのにはもってこいのアイテムです。
 STURER EMIL, Being coat completion The base did gray in the airbrush and attempted to change a color with the oil paint. It is painting a tire with acrylic fiber gouache. The being of it of making not to be by the meaning that a tire is being cleared because the real car becomes dirty with dust and mud is done however. The caterpillar is making wear the one of MODELKASTEN. To express massiveness, it is a good item.
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