15-CWT Truck
 15CWT of 4x2 was the type used most broadly especially. The backbone of Australia, Britain, and the Canada army was accomplished and it was used, having supplied other allied force parties including the Soviet Union, China, and India. . (An extract is made from an ITARERI explanatory)

(キヤコン2004 銅賞受賞)
 The 2004 New Year's Day is a start from Chevrolet 15-CWT. Although it remained the figure skating having been incomplete and placing, it completed at last. However, a figure skating cannot be convinced somehow. A face will become wanting to melt. It is useless although retouch was carried out [ whether it was unsavory to have carried out the dry brush with the acrylics gouache, and ]. Irrespective of the word of "mixing", the way done in the image which paints and piles up the thin paint says, and I feel like. It is mortifying. (2004. 1.1 completion)
To the account of manufacture