ブルムベア後期型 (上海ドラゴン)製作記
Sd Kfz 166 "Brumbar" (SHANGHAI DRAGON) making
 They are BRUMMBAR of a dragon, and the completion of coating & base paint. It challenged, although coating work was the 2nd (it works with a poly putty & braid once) times and what used the roller for the first time. Whatever it might call it, extending thinly putty (plastic epoxy putty of Cemedine Co., Ltd. and business use) formed 99% of work, and it was quite hot work as me of a putty phobia. But after that, the coating roller is only rolled and あ easy ! correction can also be performed any number of times. Since putty adhered to the roller, tips worked having imitated the method of attaching the fat of the nose which Mr. Doi was doing. I feel that it is quite effective for the method of mixing the ointment which had appeared in the Armagh modeling magazine, and making it soft. The rack of a jack stand saw the real photograph and made it with the plastic board.
 熊さん、迷彩塗装&ウォッシング完了です。以前も紹介しましたが、エアブラシはエアテックスのハンザ381BLACKを使っており、これはトリガー式で引くだけのアクションでエアーと塗料が出て、細吹きも非常に簡単に出来るので超お勧めです。(ただ、中のパッキンがシンナー用の仕様にはなっておらず、シンナー耐性のものに替えないとダメでした。1個200円くらいだったっけ)。今では手放せない愛機となっております。今回はウォッシングで全体が暗くなるのを避けるために、普段より薄いエナメルの茶+黒をさっと塗り、ふき取りは行いませんでした。コーティングのおかげで陰影の表現はかなり有利になります。次はいよいよ生き埋め作業です〜〜。 (2006.2.24)
 They are BRUMMBAR of a dragon and camouflage paint &Washinging completion. Although before was introduced, since the airbrush is using HANZA381BLACK of air textile, air and a paint come out and thin 吹き is also made very simply only by action which pulls this by the trigger formula, it is recommendation. (It was useless, when inner packing did not become the specification for thinner and it did not simply change to the thing of thinner tolerance.) The price is about 200 yen per piece. Now, it is the love machine which cannot be parted with. In order to avoid that the whole becomes dark by Washinging, the tea + black of enamel thinner than usually was applied quickly, and wiping was not performed this time. Expression of the shade becomes quite advantageous, thanks to coating. Next, it is -- which is burying-him-alive work still more.
 They are Mr. Kuma and burying-him-alive work. It embedded at Styrofoam which made the hole and has hardened with ground clay from the top. The ground of a garden tree bought with 100yenshop(s) was scattered, and the bond for woodwork melted with water was infiltrated. It soils this time and paint serves as work after fixing vehicles to a foundation.
 熊さん、汚し塗装完了です。油絵の具の適当な色を使ってます(色は、ほんと気分次第なんで、毎回違います)。コーティングの凸凹により陰影がきつく出てきます。地面は全体にアクリルのフラットアースを吹き、ベージュ系でドライブラシしてます。掘ったら虫がワラワラ出てくる感じが出せたらと思い作業しました。ワラワラ・・・・・・・ぎゃ〜〜〜〜。 (2006.3.10)
 Mr. Kuma -- it soils and is the completion of paint The suitable color of oil paint is used (a color is dependent on feeling and different each time). The shade comes out strongly by unevenness of coating. The ground blows the flat ground of acrylics on the whole, and it is carrying out the dry brush by the beige system. If touch that many insects will come out if it digs can be taken out was thought, and it worked.
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