M247 ヨーク (タミヤ)
 They are M247 SGTYORK of TAMIYA, and assembly completion (the chassis upper and lower sides and a handrail are a sheep). They are this strange form and the highest. the chassis front part like a frog, and a gun -- it is smart Is the signboard around which this restaurant turns a radar with an antenna an umbrella? Pleasure paints.
 They are M247SGTYORK of TAMIYA and the completion of basic paint. Coloring is considered and surfacer is blown on the ground. It gypsum + Melted in the body lower part, putty + lacquer thinner was struck with pen, and muddy unevenness was attached. OLIVEDRAB+ ocher is blown on the whole, ocher is further added to the upper surface, and brightness is raised. Since I had you teach that the smoked charger has pasted up conversely, it corrected. Although the spray for polycarbonate is blown on paint peeling prevention at the poly caterpillar, for bending, it will be weak too and paint will crack.
 They are M247 SGTYORK of TAMIYA, basic paint, and Washinging completion. It dropped during work, and the point broke into the root of 砲身 and it flew. Change of a color was attached centering on the upper surface with the beige and the navel orange yellow of oil paint. Then, when the tire was soiled, the wheel broke from the base and it was able to take this time.