Matilda Mk2 (タミヤ)製作記
Matilda Mk2 (TAMIYA) making
 タミヤのマチルダ、組み立て完了です。この個性的な形が、バンダイのヨンパチ時代から大好きで、いつかは作りたいとず〜っと思っていました。組み立ては部品の合い等、問題なかったのですが、予備キャタピラの部分や砲塔横の筒状のもの(なんじゃこれ)をいじってたら予想以上に時間がかかってしまいました。キャタはポリキャタをそのまんま使ってます。(でもほとんど見えないから問題ないのだ)。今回、ポリキャタの接着にGPクリヤー(20ml 200円 コニシ梶jという接着剤を使ってみました。「ポリプロピレンも接着できる」とデカデカと書いていたので買ってみましが、いや〜、いいですね、これ。いままでプライマーを塗ってくっ付けるタイプはあったのですが、こいつはそのまんま使えます。塗って、しばらく乾かしてからくっ付けるタイプで、ガッチリくっ付いてくれます。ポリキャタ使う人には、これはお勧めです。さあ、塗るべ。(2004.7.5)
 It is TAMIYA Matilda, construction completion. It thought for a long time when loving this with a remarkable personality form from the 1/48 times of Bandai and wanting to make when and whether or not it is. There was not a construction in the problems such as the fitting of the part but it had taken time beyond expectation if twiddling the part of the spare caterpillar and pipe -shape one at the gun turret side. A caterpillar is using just as it is the one where it is made from polypropylene. ( It is not in the problem because it is possible to be hardly seen ). This time, it attempted to use glue, that the grand prize is clear, for the gluing of the caterpillar which is made from polypropylene. ( 20 ml 200 yen konishi ) It is this, buying because it wrote roughly, saying " it was possible to glue together polypropylene, too, " but being good. There was a type to put by painting a groundwork drug so far but it is possible to use this just as it is. With the type to glue together after painting and drying for a while, it glues together strongly. This is recommendation to the person who uses the caterpillar which is made from polypropylene. Next, it enters a coat
 It ended Matilda, a basic coat. It is a candy pop color. Tank well, it seems that it is not. It came to safe this place. It is painting Sunday in being light blue and at Dark earth ( + white ) in Brown ( + the white + flat base ) place. It doesn't want to make dirty. Is this this and does it let's make complete?
 It is Matilda, Washinging ending. If doing condition well with tamiya enamel ( the brown coming tea + black ), the hatch of the gun turret came off, the light came off and the coat broke. Pretending to do breakage lacquering than the dirty coat and it seems that it says. It mixes lacquer putty + gypsum + tea type pastel + lacquer solvent in the mix and it is painting it on the body lower part. A moderate rough texture is gotten, and the mud dirt can reappear in the simplicity of super and is recommendation. It wants to make above this dirty and there is a feeling.
 It is Matilda's figure, completion. This time, the face was not vallejo, was oil paint and attempted to challenge. It did the freshness of the lacquer in the airbrush and it painted groundwork, after it, it drew a shadow by Brown, it painted a highlight part in John Briand + white and it branded in the boundary. It didn't always work out here and it gave up, but what and it worked out if using a dried pen this time and branding in the work to wipe up diligently every time paint is stuck. ( It greatly appreciates the hint of the Mr.kaneko master! ) Now, it goes in this!
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