M2A2 スーパーブラッドレー歩兵戦闘車(タミヤ)製作記
M2A2 "Bradley" (TAMIYA) making
 They are M2A2 of TAMIYA, and assembly completion. Although the tank after a great war was the principle seldom made, he buys it frequently recently. The model room is a serious thing by favor. Since the kit of TAMIYA is composed simply, it is made and is interesting. It is a mental state to stop paint and already, construct rapidly.
 They are M2A2 of TAMIYA and Washinging completion. It carried out with the sepia of oil paint. There were many bolts and Washinging was serious. The equipment article melted vallejo thinly and has applied it. Since it has become slightly dark at Washinging etc., it is due to adjust by oil paint.
 チッピング終了です。油絵の具のベージュで明度をあげてみました。デジカメがリニューアルしたのであれこれ試行錯誤してますが、今のところ、露出+1〜2で落ち着いております。ファレホのニュートラルグレーとレザーブラウンでチッピングしました。このままでは生々しいのでデッキタンをオーバースプレーする予定です。 (2006.4.4)
 They are M2A2 of TAMIYA, and a dirt paint end. Brightness was raised with the beige of oil paint. the digital camera should have renewed -- although a trial-and-error method is this-applied, for the moment, it has settled down by exposure +1 It became dirty and painted with the neutral gray and tea of vallejo. With this, since it is fresh, the exaggerated spray of the deck tongue is due to be carried out.
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