M3グラント中戦車 (タミヤ)
 It is the tank of TAMIYA in M3 Grant. It is artless. However, why will it say to notice familiarity to this artless one? By the way, this tank will have been strong or as for the? huge figure, it doesn't understand to be strong or whether or not it is weak well. It was always assembling just as it is but only the light overpass attempted to add a hand. It cuts a 0.1 mm brass plate with the scissors and it is sticking it suitably. There is a part where a crack has been built ( the after side skirt, too, ) about quite putting on this kit in the pressure when combining a chassis and not doing it and there is not a problem if tiding over even there.
 It is TAMIYA tank in M3 Grant, luggage built-in completion. It was possible to have put a belt by rounding a tissue and wrapping it around the side skirt. It is putting a resin and a tissue, a plastic stick, different one on the rear. It had quite taken time.
 It is M3 Grant, basic coat completion.Using the masking tape of TAMIYA, it put away a camouflage coat. It was possible to have kept by cutting suitably with the scissors and peeling off after pasting a masking tape on the cardboard of the magazine once. Once, it is not and dividing into many time, it is the work while reusing a once used masking tape. Not precocious more in the atmosphere in the camouflage line when not becoming a cloud form
 It is Washinging ending of M3 Grant, the arrangement and the vehicle in the ground. It attempted to correct slightly because the camouflage pattern didn't like. The ground is dishing the clay of the tree. It creates big rock with the rock manufacture receptacle which is made from rubber which is the same as the time of the GAZ track. As for pebble, the one of the railroad model, medium stone are so-called zeolite to have bought for the 100 yen shop.
 It is completion M3 Grant, coat approximately ( Later, it is completion if doing the adjustment of the luster and a puff thin in the airbrush ). The decal was quite old but worked out. To be mad gets to seem if the difference in rank is made in the decal and becomes white. Because the clear parts of the light are broken, it thinks that it let's attempt to pour a transparent resin. Of whether or not it works out anxious

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