ポーランドの戦車 7TPの車体を流用して製作された重砲牽引車
 Tank of Poland Heavy gun tractor which diverted the body of 7TP and was manufactured

 They are C7P and completion. Washing is flat Brown of enamel and was done by the black of oil paint. Although cloth (the tank top which became old is recycled) is used to wipe off washing, fine waste thread will come out and it will stick to the body. It is under examination whether there is any somehow good method. The mark shone and went wrong this time. Although a lusterless spray is played in order to follow up, if it comes out so much in the cause blown in a hurry, it is confused, saying that it will be dropped and it rubs against acrylics thinner, the white grain would be made and gloss will have been made on the surface. It is rather difficult.
(2003. 10.29 completion)

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