4号戦車 J型 (タミヤ)製作記
PzKpfw IV ausf.J (Tamiya) making
 It is PzKpfw IV ausf.J of tamiya. It put together just as it is approximately only but it attempted to put some hands.(2004.3.10)
@ It paints putty + sand the chassis lower part as mud.
A It adds a wiring pipe to Bosch headlight.
B It reduces the arm part of Schurzen thin and it adds a bolt.
C It adds the clasp of the accessories, cutting a brass plate.
D It holds by the brass line which passed a belt type caterpillar through the chassis.
It attempted to do above, regular addition making.( Uncommon ・・・・・ ) If wakening, the plastic stick of the brass line and the evergreen and so on are overflowed at the house. It is convenient greatly because it is possible to keep by cutting in a form of case only and it is possible to add easily. So far, it is made ( it isn't possible to endure having firmed when placing beforehand without using for a while like a character ) weak by the instant adhesive but after getting to use the instant adhesive of the brush type recently, it is favorable greatly. Good this !(2004.3.10)
 4号J型、基本塗装完了です。当初、レッドブラウンとダークグリーンの在庫がなかったので、ファレホで筆塗りしてましたが、結局ラッカーをエアブラシで吹き直しました。しかし、エアブラシを吹こうとすると目詰まりをおこし、レバーを引くと「ドバッ」と塗料が噴出してしまい、なかなか作業がうまくいかず難航しました。塗料の濃度が問題なのか、エアブラシが詰まってるのか、はたまた、わたしの脳が溶けてるのか・・・何回も何回もやり直しました。ここ一番という時に「ドドドバッ〜」と噴出し、ついに頭に血が上ってエアブラシを叩きつけてしまいました。fack youuuuuuuuuuuu!!! まだまだじゃのう・・・・・・・・。 (2004.4.5)
 It is PzKpfw IV ausf.J, basic coat completion. Because there was not an inventory of red Brown and Dark green at first, it was painting a pen in vallejo but it redid it by the airbrush after all. However, it started an eye stuff when trying to blow an airbrush, the paint had spouted at once when pulling a lever, the work didn't work out readily and had a hard sailing. It redid many times many times about whether that the concentration of the paint is a problem or an airbrush was choked up and whether or not my brain was melting again. The paint spouted here at the 1st time, and the blood rose up to the head at last and had beat in the airbrush. fack youuuuuuuuuuuu!!! (2004.4.5)
ポッケに手つっこんでるフィギュア見て、嫁さんが「岡山のおっちゃんの若い頃に似てる」と言ってた・・・・・・誰やそれ・・・・ (2004.4.9)
 New Shot, too, could reach the 300th this time. It is the one where 5.5 year is early after turning back. Still, it is a clumsy page but we request association well. The figure which is PzKpfw IV ausf.J is two, completion. One on the 1st is a limit. It is made to have painted almost in vallejo but vallejo had better mix the drug which is matted because to do half luster attractive and it is when painting. It sprayed matting later but the gloss didn't disappear for some reason at all. For the last completing, it is painting a Low Amber
a face dimly. (2004.4.9)
 ポッケに手つっこんでるフィギュア見て、嫁さんが「岡山のおっちゃんの若い頃に似てる」と言ってた・・・・・・誰やそれ・・・・ (2004.4.9)
 who to have seen the figure which is putting a hand in the pocket of and for the wife of it to have been saying " that it resembled at the time of being young of the uncle in Okayama " and its ・・・ (2004.4.9)
 The figure of PzKpfw IV ausf.J is left and is two, completion. Likewise, it painted in vallejo. It is possible to do only one on the 1st absolutely as expected. This will become early if it is accustomed or the point shoulders badly probably. Because vallejo heard the rumor that it is possible to paint a figure in quantities The quantity must be more done. If rising with the digital camera in spite of being nicer if seeing a real thing, it is no good. Can the part which can not be seen be seen? (2004.4.12)
 PzKpfw IV ausf.J, filter&Washing It is ending. After processing a filter with the oil paint ( the orange, the sand, the olive green and so on ), it does the whole likewise in the airbrush with the oil paint ( the rowan bar ), and it places it for 1 hour after that and it wipes up it by the waste. This time, it introduces the tool to be using when I wipe up Washing. The nail of the tip comes out when this presses the back with the tool which grasps a screw by being called a picking-up tool ( about 600 yen ) and grasps a thing. It puts a waste ( being selling in the home improvement center ) in this and it wipes up it. I am always doing probably in this, to be weak at the cotton. of more once the trial in the one for which it is easy to control and it is weaker at the cotton (2004.4.14)
 It is PzKpfw IV ausf.J, body completion. The wire rope used after it warmed the wire of the stainless steel to have bought in the home improvement center over a fire with the gas stove, did it, being raw and made it soft ( It teaches from panther ).
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