Pz.kpfwV Ausf.L Sd.kfz.141/1
 Sd.kfz.141 / 1 Pz.kpfw3 L types were produced by December, 1942 And by high reliability and strengthened armoring, a wing of the German army tank army division and a tank regiment was borne till the middle of 1943, and it played an active part in the eastern part battle line and the Africa battle line. Five crew members. Engine is 300H.P. of outputs with a HL120TRM type. The highest speed of 40km. The 50mm tank gun 39 type of 60 calibers is carried. (An extract is made from a TAMIYA explanatory)

 Pz.kpfw3 of the impression of a moderate tank. Since the formal tank which always changed was made in many cases, it was able to make from the fresh feeling this time. Since the exhibition stand was large, although pains was taken over arrangement of a figure skating etc. this way and that, it is a certain setup well after all. Is it difficult
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